On a trip to Jamaica back in 2006, my wife and I were walking through New Kingston when we sauntered into this book store. We specifically asked to see Anancy books because I had always wanted my kids to know who he was – I also remembered being told Anancy stories as a child and how much I had loved them. Anyway, we purchased a few books and made it back home to Florida. A night or two later, I began reading one of the books to my children and remembered seeing their reaction to it. It was exactly the reaction I remembered having as a child – excitement, anticipation; wanting to find out what was going to happen next.

It was then the idea of Anancy in audio book format  popped into my head, and who better to read them - Paul Campbell. Paul and I go back more than twenty years and I knew his skills and talent were exactly what I needed to get the project off the ground. But why stop there - why not make the stories available online for people to download?  When I pitched the idea to Paul, he immediately wanted to be on board the project. We also brought in Dwight Oliver on the project and together all three of us went on a retreat to Meretopia Gardens where AnancyStories.com was born. Enjoy!

Yuh gwi laugh ‘til yuh belly bus’!!

Ron Meredith
Paul Campbell
Dwight Oliver