Profile Of Anancy
Given Name:  Anansi
Alias(es): Samfi man, con artist, two-faced, trickster, ginnal
Gender: Male
Race: 150% Negroid
Ethnicity: Multi-Ethnic
Date of Birth: One day
Day of Birth: Wednesday or Thursday – or maybe Saturday…We think…
Height: Not too much.
Weight: Feather
Address(es):  Ghana, Jamaica, other Caribbean territories, South Carolina (Gullah), Haiti, Belize, Central America.
Country of Origin: Ghana
Profession:  samfi man
M.O. : Trickery; Hustler; Outsmarts persons larger and smaller than himself. Often gets in trouble for any and everything.
Main Enemy: Himself

Anancy was brought from Ghana, the west coast of Africa by slaves.  Anancy is a quick-witted and intelligent spider who is always surviving against all odds and outsmarting those around him.  He personifies a survival quality so admired by Caribbean people.  His name is often spelled in a variety of ways – Anansi, Anancy, Anance, or Brer Nansi. The tradition of telling Anancy stories is always evolving and is preserved in storybooks in Jamaica and other parts of the world.  Nearly all Caribbean parents tell bedtime stories of Anancy to their children.  The stories heard on AnancyStories.com have a common theme throughout - the sound of crickets chirping.  This was to evoke a feeling of night time, as this was when most Anancy stories were told to children.